Co-workers Surprise Man With New Bike After His Was Stolen At Work

It was a tough time for Charles, an employee at Boston Pizza in Newfoundland, Canada, when he recently realized his bike was stolen from the parking lot.

The bike was the only way, Charles used to commute to work and when he left work one day to realize his bike had been stolen, he was left hopeless.

He decided to commute to work on foot, and did not say anything to anyone.

One day, a coworker found him walking home and picked him up, that’s when Charles let him know what happened.

It took just 24 hours for all the the employees at Boston Pizza to get together and raise enough money to buy him a new bike.

You can see how overwhelmed Charles is when his coworkers roll out his new bike.

God bless these kind co-workers and may they prosper because of the kindness they showed Charles.

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