Waiter Sees 91-Year-Old Veteran Sitting Alone, Joins Him For A Chat

A young server at Belle Vernon’s Eat ‘N Park famous for its Smiley Cookies, won hearts of diners there by serving them a few smiles of his own.


Pictures posted online shows diners appreciating server Dylan Tetil for his caring and loving attitude. One diner said of Tetil, “He was very interesting, very kind, very respectful,” he said. “Just one of the nicest people I’ve met in here really.”

The pictures show Dylan and his 91-year-old customer, where Tetil kneeled down to take his order because the gentleman has hearing troubles. The conversation soon turned into something more meaningful for both of them.

“[I] listened to some of his stories,” Tetil recalled. “He was talking about the war, some of the injuries he had, the places he’s been, his family. Tears were just running down his face. You can just tell this man hasn’t had a true, caring person to talk to in a long time.”


The man was heard telling Dylan he was lonely and had few people to talk to. “I believe you giving someone five minutes of your day could completely rearrange how they look at life itself honestly. A lot of people might think the youth today isn’t the best and I might have changed their perspective.” Dylan said, “That’s how I think the world should operate and the world would be a better place.”

The elderly gentleman was seated in the booth directly across from my family as we ate dinner Saturday night at Eat'n…

Posted by Lisa Meilander on Saturday, August 17, 2019

This young server Dylan Tetil is an inspiration for many of his generation as he has won hearts by serving smiles along with his delicious food.


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