90-Year-Old Legendary Florida State Football Head Coach Says Prayers Helped Him Recover From Coronavirus

The ongoing pandemic has caused havoc to the lives of many citizens all around the country and now 90-year-old retired Florida State football head coach Bobby Bowden says he recovered from it due to prayer.

Legendary Coach

Bobby Bowden

Robert Cleckler Bowden, or ‘Bobby Bowden,’ was the head coach from 1976 to 2009, of the Florida State Seminoles football team. He has 357 victories under his belt which makes him one of the greatest college football coaches of all time and is the recipient of multiple awards for his brilliant coaching.

But the 90-year-old recently became a victim of the coronavirus and was in a tough battle in his life but God intervened and saved him through the prayers of his family and friends. “I want to thank all the many, many people who were thinking of and praying for me over the last few weeks. I just went through a battle with COVID-19 and God just wasn’t ready to take me home yet to be with him,” Bobby said in a statement.

Now as he turns 91 on November 8, he is thankful for the excellent treatment he received which helped him overcome the deadly virus, “I had the opportunity to be treated for COVID-19 with drugs to include Remdesivir. At the age of 91, in many other countries, I might not have been treated,” he said.

Sharing his Faith

He also spoke about how the priorities in his life are his relationship with God and his family. The former Florida State head coach also said that for him it was very important to share his Christian faith with his children. “I have always said that the only thing you can take to heaven with you is your kids, and for 71 years of marriage, Ann and I have tried to live our lives and share our Christian faith with them so that, one day, we will all be there together.”


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