Couple Married For 59-Years Die Holding Hands Hours Apart


Family and friends were not surprised seeing the sweet climax of a 59 year old married life. Because they already knew how much Margaret and Don Livengood had loved each other.

The couple met and fell in love while working at the same company, and got married on June 15, 1957. Since then, they were inseparable, facing every up and down in the company and comfort of each other. After 59-years of togetherness, the beautiful couple also made their final days together holding hands, side by side on the same hospital room and died hours apart.  80-year-old Margaret was suffering from cancer and Don, 84 had breathing problems due to pulmonary fibrosis and bilateral pneumonia. Both spent their last year in and out of the hospital. They were sad whenever one was left behind at home. When Don was admitted, his wife would sit with him each day.


On August 8, Margaret and Don were taken to hospital and admitted together one floor apart at Carolinas Healthcare System Northeast in Concord, North Carolina. The couple’s daughter, Pattie Beaver knew that it would be tough for her parents to stay separately. She pleaded with hospital staffs to bring them together. After four days , nurses moved Margaret’s bed into her husband’s room and positioned them so that they could see each other. Then the doctors and nurses witnessed an unbelievable bond between them. They spent the last days facing each other holding hands. Margaret died on August 15 around 8 am and Don passed away at the same day just after 5 pm. But this beautiful love story never ends.


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