90-Year-Old Woman Meets 70-Year-Old Daughter For The First Time After Putting Her Up For Adoption As A Baby

It was an emotional reunion for a 90 year-old woman, who finally met with her 70 year-old daughter after putting her up for adoption as a baby.


A heartwarming clip on May 6, shows Elizabeth Pullen standing at Sugar Mill Pond in Youngsville, Lousiana, while a surprise guest is brought up to meet her.

Pullen and her daughter Lynne Wray, are ordered to stand back-to-back and holds her hand, just seconds before they finally meet.

Pullen immediately bursts into tears of happiness, while her daughter looks delighted as well. She says, ‘You look like me don’t you? You are wonderful…love you. This is wonderful…it was worth the wait, right?’

The whole setup was organised by Wanda LeBlanc, who is Pullen’s granddaughter and also a professional photographer who also documented the meeting.

It all started when LeBlanc took a DNA test at Christmas, and saw a stranger’s name creep up in the list of close relatives– Lynne Wray.

Because the database LeBlanc used allowed users to get in touch with one another, Wray’s profile read: ‘I was adopted and have never met my birth family.’

When LeBlanc contacted Wray, she was stunned to find out that she was her biological aunt.

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LeBlanc spoke to her mom Katherine, and Pullen about it, who later revealed about having a baby and putting her up for adoption.

Due to touch adoption procedures in the 1940s, where mothers could not even get to see their babies after birth, Pullen and Wray had never seen each other before this meeting.

LeBlanc then planned out a meeting for the mother-daughter duo and was happy with the outcome.

She said, that Pullen was very nervous at first, and she was getting impatient and wanted to turn around to see who the surprise guest was.

As she did first looks for brides and grooms, she thought this would be a unique way for them to see each other for the first time.

LeBlanc adds, ‘My grandmother said that she felt free. She and I have always been very close, so for me to be the person who reunited them was special for me, my grandmother, and my aunt.

She says that her grandmother is not too well, and often asks God why He has kept her on this earth, now she has got the answer.

‘My grandmother’s message is that it’s never too late and not to be fearful of opening up.’ said LeBlanc.

Wray has gone back home to North Carolina after meeting with her birth mother. They both intend to be in touch with each other.


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