‘Hand From Above’ Keeps Husband And Wife Alive As They Clung To Mattress During Nashville Tornado

As the Nashville tornado wrecked havoc in Tennessee, stories of miracles and supernatural experiences are unfolding from there.

A couple from East Nashville were left heartbroken after the tornado ripped off a section of their house, and they survived by clinging on to a mattress and one another. But still, they are thanking God for sparing their lives.


Winston and Faye Morelock lived in their East Nashville home for the last 42 years, but the elderly couple are now homeless due to the tornado.

Faye, 78, and Winston, 73, were fast asleep when the sirens began alerting residents to the tornado danger. Winston said he was terrified when he heard the sound of flying debris smacking the side of his house.

“About that time, this wall came in,” he said, referring to the wall the bed was up against. “It came in on us.”

Winston held on to his wife, trying to protect and shield her from broken glass and flying debris. “I was holding her, and went over her, and grabbed the mattress we were holding on to, and I said, ‘Honey, hold on, hold on!’ And all I could do was grab that mattress with my fingers and hold her,” he said.


He said that the twister tried was like a “vacuum trying to pull us out of the house.”

“You’re trembling to death, and you don’t know if you’re gonna be alive or if you’re gonna be dead,” Faye said.

The couple said that their tight grip on the mattress during a very intense 30 to 40 seconds helped them survive their worst nightmare.

The couple found a big hole in their house. “[The tornado] just crushed everything in the living room,” Winston said.

Faye said that even though their home was destroyed, God was watching over her and her spouse. “It’s amazing. Only thing I can say is, it’s a hand from above that kept us alive,” she said. “I’m lost for words.”

Faye also spoke about how her collection of small angel figurines and the dresser they were on was left untouched by the tornado, even though everything else was destroyed, symbolic to her of God’s hand in the situation. “I can’t stop thanking God because if he didn’t have his hand on us — we would’ve been out of here.”

The couple are left with nothing now but are still grateful for their lives, “I know there are others that are worse than us, but I thank God there were no more killed,” Winston said. “And thank him for his hand on us.”

A neighbor has started a GoFundMe campaign for the couple to help them recover by providing temporary housing and a vehicle to get them through the next few months.

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