World’s Cutest 9-year-old Dog Groomer Wins Audiences On The ‘Little Big Shots’

A 9-year-old girl is being praised online for her business skills as a ‘Dog trainer.’

She is Ruby, and she was interviewed by the host of “Little Big Shots,” Mr. Shane Jacobson where she got to flaunt her ‘fur trainer’ skills, and her extraordinary cuteness.

Shane wore a pink apron, and he was eager to participate in tub time with the cute canine. After the washing is complete, Ruby shows how to towel dry and massage the pup before the next step. At the drying station, another poodle is in place and Ruby gets to work with a quick demo of the hair dryer.

But before she turned on the dryer, she shared that dogs are afraid of the dryer noise, so she would put on the poodle’s head what she dubs “The Happy Hoodie” made from bright pink fabric.

She says she does this because the hoodie covers the dogs ears and aides in lessening its distress- so caring awwww!

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