Father And Son In Tears As They Gazed And Held Their Miracle Baby

It was a poignant, unforgettable moment when this father and son first gazed and held their miracle baby!

dad and son crying holding baby

It was a surreal experience for them because an additional member of the family was an impossibility. That’s why both of them were overcome with a myriad of emotions. Words are not enough to describe what they felt at that particular moment when they first held the adorable baby girl. Fortunately, this viral video has captured the beauty of the moment which words cannot describe.

The journey was indeed bumpy and required tons of faith. João Prudencio Neto his wife, Karolinne, have long been wanting to have another child. Their son David, wanted to have a sibling as well. However, it is not as easy as it looked, because after Karolinne gave birth to David, João became unproductive. He could no longer have another child.

This broke their hearts immensely. They wanted to have another child and yet, medically speaking, it’s no longer possible. They turned to God and cried their hearts out. They prayed and asked for a miracle. They opted not to have any medical intervention and to be in faith that their prayers will be answered. They prayed the same thing day in and day out. Even young David’s faith was stretched as he believed that God will grant his request.

Finally, the day came when their fervent prayers were answered! “Giovanna’s birth is not only a blessing for our family but also for all those who dream of one day living the miracle that only Jesus can do,” João posted in his Instagram account. Giovanna, the baby girl’s name, means God is gracious!

God is truly, gracious to this family! He has turned an impossibility into a miracle! It is only He who has the power to do things of this magnitude. May this story inspire us to be in faith and trust that God is in the business of turning things around. No situation is too hard or complicated for Him.

Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18:27

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