Wholesome Moment When Dad Plays With Daughter In Mud Puddle

A heartwarming video of a man playing with his daughter in a mud puddle has gone viral.


The clip was shared by retired basketball player Rex Chapman on Twitter, which shows the toddler telling her dad to join her in the mud puddle.

The video shows the father-daughter duo enjoying and laughing while playing in the mud puddle.

The little girl in a pink top and black pants is clearly daddy’s princess as she is able to convince her slightly reluctant dad to join in the fun.


Once dad stepped in and got his feet soaked, there was nothing stopping him from enjoying the moment, they sure did make memories which will last forever.

Since shared, the video has been watched nearly 4.3 million times and has garnered more than 153,000 likes and hundreds of comments. This is such a wholesome video to see with all the gloom and doom in our country.


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