Deer Hunters Hear Cries In The Woods, End Up Finding Missing 2-Year-Old Girl

When a 2-year-old girl went missing in South Carolina, a community held its breath. Hours later, deer hunters became the unexpected heroes of the day, locating her safe and sound.

deer hunters find missing child

In a small Newberry County community, a toddler named Sara Alice Grice suddenly went missing, turning a peaceful afternoon into every parent’s nightmare. The frantic search ended in relief and gratitude when a group of deer hunters found her, nearly a mile away from home, safe but understandably shaken.

Sara had been napping with her mom, Mekayla, on that fateful Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t until her dad, Gary, came back inside from walking his mother to the car that they realized Sara was nowhere to be found. Despite their 10-minute search inside, Sara was gone. Panicked but determined, they dialed 911, sparking a community-wide search.

Several hours later, a glimmer of hope came from an unexpected source. Deer hunters in the vicinity heard cries that seemed out of place in the woods. Trusting their instincts, they too reached out to 911. It was their alertness and swift action that led the authorities right to Sara Alice. Found tired, dehydrated, but unharmed, it was clear that she had been watched over.

Reflecting on the incident, Mekayla shared her fears and relief, “It was a scary thought because what if someone sees movement and doesn’t realize it’s a child. Instead, we got a great response that [helped find] our baby.” The Newberry County Sheriff’s Office echoed this sentiment, calling it a “truly miraculous find.”

The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him” (Nahum 1:7).

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