Deputy Goes Beyond Call Of Duty To Push Stranded Woman In Wheelchair One Mile To Her Home

 A Sheriff’s deputy is winning praises after he pushed an elderly woman in a wheelchair for one mile to her home.

Lancaster Sheriff’s Deputies Chapman and Montanez, received a call regarding a traffic problem and were told that there was a wheelchair in the middle of the road, but it was a whole lot more complex when they arrived at the scene.

They saw a wheelchair at the side of the road, with “an elderly female sitting in it.” wrote the Lancaster sheriff’s office on Facebook.

The poor woman’s motorized wheelchair had ran out of power and she became stranded. The kind deputies offered her a ride, but realized that the wheelchair was too heavy to get into their patrol car and the chair could not be folded and the woman did not want to leave her wheelchair behind.

One of the deputies, Deputy Montanez did something incredible which was behind the call of duty, he got out of the patrol car and started walking. The deputy pushed the woman all the way to her home, which was about a mile away, wearing his full uniform and boots, wrote the Lancaster Sherrif’s officer on Facebook.

Montanez’s partner who drove the patrol car behind them teased the walking deputy saying “You can pick it up, you’re only going about one mile an hour,” Deputy Chapman is heard saying in the video he took of Montanez’s good deed. Both Montanez and the elderly woman had a hearty laugh.

We salute our police and sheriffs and because of deputies like these we are safe.

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