Man Stopped For Erratic Driving, Deputy Saves His Lifeless Young Child’s Life

Being a parent means that we need to always protect and do what’s right for our children no matter what.

And that’s what happened when a driver was reported for erratic driving by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after 10 p.m.

Deputy Tyler Milton said he saw a driver on Lakewood Boulevard who was driving very erratically and he did what he was supposed to do and turned on his car siren and started following the motorist.

The car driver then did something extraordinary, he brought his car to a safe halt, and exited the vehicle with a tiny baby boy in his arms.

The 9-month-old baby was not breathing and so Milton jumped into action and radioed for back-up and immediately started performing CPR on the infant.

So while Deputy Alissa Farrington responded to the emergency call, Milton was with the child and kept trying to revive him.

Farrington arrived on the scene and drove them to Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, the baby’s mother was also with them.

Milton and Farrington are truly heroes and have been praised and thanked for saving the life of that child because of their heroic action.

These deputies are the reason why people still have faith in the police department and we just love them.