Detective Who Lost Leg In Accident Adopts Dog With Prosthetic Legs

They are made for each other- a dog rescued and fitted with prosthetics has been adopted by the family of a detective who lost a leg in an accident.

officer adopts dog with prosthetic legs
Photo: San Diego Humane Society

San Diego Humane Society’s Humane Law Enforcement Officers rescued two dogs in March from a home in Mira Mesa. Their owners bandaged their back paws so tightly that it cut off blood flow, causing severe injuries which led to their feet being amputated.

Chloe, a 9-year-old Shih Tzu, had both her back feet partially amputated and was fitted with orthopedic slippers. She had to undergo physical therapy to relearn how to walk.

San Diego Police Department Detective Chappie Hunter has been fostering Chloe and is making the adoption official. Hunter lost his leg in 2013 from a crash in Alpine and has returned to work with a prosthetic leg after a year.

Roxy, a 13-year-old Chihuahua, had her left hind foot partially amputated while her right hind foot had a skin flap procedure and weeks of bandaging to be saved. She too has a custom prosthetic device on her left leg.

“Fitting a dog with prosthetics is quite an involved process and this was a first for San Diego Humane Society,” said Veterinarian Susan Garity. “It included sedation to create a mold of the feet, getting the prosthetics to fit perfectly, and monitoring for pressure.”

They adopted Chloe, after a three-month fostering run. She has adapted well with the family and has recuperated with the Hunters’ support. She has been fitted with prosthetic legs by the medical team that works at the animal welfare society’s Escondido Campus.

detective adopts dog with prosthetic legs

“[Chloe’s] been through some trauma, just like me. She has her prosthetics, just like I have mine,” Chappie told Fox News. “It’s nice to know that I might know a little about how she’s feeling. But in actuality, she’s the one taking care of me.”

Dr. Seth Mathus Ganz of Agile Veterinary Surgery performed the surgeries for both dogs. Chloe got orthopedic slippers to assist her with walking and Roxy is being fostered while she has another month of recovery to go.

The San Diego Humane Society’s law enforcement division has investigated the home where Chloe and Roxy sustained their injuries and has submitted their report to San Diego’s Office of the City Attorney, a chief legal advisor to the mayor.