Disabled Pianist Praises God With Beautiful Rendition Of ‘Is He Worthy’

Bart Gee is a disabled pianist who plays an incredible piano cover of Christ Tomlin’s ‘Is He Worthy.’


Bart Gee has also recorded many worship covers apart from this one.

He says on his official YouTube Channel, “I’m a Christian and I have a disability called Arthrogryposis which basically means that I have weak muscles and stiff joints.”

“Doctors said I would never walk and they didn’t even know if I would have the strength to sit up. They also said there was no chance of playing the piano and no-one knew if I would even have the strength to press a key down.”

“I started playing piano when I was 5 years old and have gradually been able to do more and more. Please check out my videos. Hope you like them!”

Bart Gee is touching us all with this beautiful piano cover of ‘Is He Worthy’ today. What an inspiration he is to all those who are feeling low and discouraged today.

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Johnnie Iguess


Granger Angel Sr

Really beautiful!


I am clapping for you Bart! It was a beautiful piece, I pray that God will bless you with amazing strength so that you will always play the piano.

Johnnie Jenkins

“We have this TREASURE in earthen vessels…. so that all glory might go to HIM!” A sweet testimony of God’s great mercy and grace! Thank you, Bart!

Marlene Gibson

This was absolutely beautiful, Bart’s ability to play this is fantastic, and I pray that he goes on playing for years to come. I also loved that the lyrics were posted, they are beautiful as well. Would welcome more postings by him.

Bonnie Johnson

Amazing and beautiful!! God bless you1

Bart Gee

Thank you very much to those at faithpot.com who shared this article and thank you everyone for your nice comments. I regularly share my story around the UK in churches, schools and prisons, and occasionally abroad too. For the time being most of my talks are online. I would very much appreciate your prayers. Thank you.

Ralph Leitner

Amazing fella, beautiful playing. Lord bless you!
Ralph from Alberta Canada

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