Doctor Roller Skates into Retirement After 40 Years of Career

Dr. Phil Masterson celebrated retiring from a 40-year medical career by roller skating in a Texas emergency room.

doctor roller skating retirement

Dr. Masterson surprised everyone, as many didn’t know he’s been skating since his teen years. “I’ve always had a thought: ‘You know, when I retire, I want to do something crazy,’” Masterson remarked.

His daughter Nichole uploaded a video of him skating to TikTok. It quickly got over 1.7 million views. Nichole said, “It made me happy to see him happy.”

Dr. Masterson, soon to be 70, got comments on TikTok about his skating at his age. One person wrote, “If he movin like this at 70 i can imagine him back in his days!” Another one wrote, “At 39 I can’t even move like that.”

He used to do a move called the Russian Roulette, but he says, “My knees won’t allow me to do that any longer.”

He and his wife Sherry, who also just retired, plan to live in Spain for a year. Dr. Masterson wants to learn about music and art there. He advises, “Always be true to yourself and enjoy life as much as possible because life is so precious and fleeting.”

WATCH: ER Doctor Roller Skates Into Retirement

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