Brave Dog Recognizes Owner’s Panic Attack And Helps Her Calm Down

Amber Oliver, a certified professional dog trainer, shares a special bond with her dog, Oakley.

Oakley, a five-year-old trained service dog, has an extraordinary ability to sense when Amber is about to experience a panic attack. This intelligent canine picks up on subtle changes in Amber’s body temperature, breathing, heart rate, and behavior, alerting her to potential distress.

dog recognizes panic attack

A heartwarming video from Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky International Airport captures Oakley in action, comforting Amber in a unique and adorable manner.

Oakley has been trained to gently break Amber’s hands apart and away from her face, a technique designed to prevent the escalation of a panic attack. He encourages Amber to place her hands, and even her face, on him, a method that helps calm her down during these challenging moments.