Dog Plays Piano And Sings, A Baby Abruptly Stops Him

This is such a funny video going viral online, we couldn’t help laughing at it. Buddy is an adorable and talented piano playing Beagle. He is a rescue puppy and whenever he sees the piano, he cannot help playing a few chords on it and howling along to it.

So, it was just another day when Buddy was playing the piano and howling along, but the baby comes out and play spoil sport, and drops Buddy on the ground. Aww, poor Buddy, am sure the baby will appreciate him so much when she grows up. But we love this cute video. Enjoy!

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Eva Williams

This is so, so cute! She is a smart baby…probably hurt her ears….it would have mine!!!!!! Absolutely adorable!!!!!!

Sanmi Falae

The baby has had enough of the noise and quite rightly told the dog to go away. How so true there is a limit to human endurance!

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