Dog Patiently Waits By The Fence Each Morning To Greet Her Neighbors

A video featuring an adorable dog named Tubs has captured the hearts of millions online. Tubs is known for her daily routine that brings joy to everyone around her.

dog waits by the fence

Tubs, the friendly canine, gets along with everyone. Every morning, you can find her eagerly waiting in the yard or by the door, spreading happiness to all who meet her.

Neighbors and passers-by have come to expect this heartwarming sight. As the clock approaches 4:00 or 5:00 AM, Tubs positions herself near the front door, excited to meet her friends. She’s content with their presence, their pets, and simply being in their company.

This endearing tradition started when Tubs was just a 16-week-old puppy. Initially, she was too small to be noticed by the neighbors as she sat by the front fence. But as she grew, so did her anticipation. With time, she learned to recognize her regular visitors, and her tail would wag in excitement.

dog waits by the fence to greet neighbors

For those lucky neighbors, seeing this friendly dog eagerly awaiting their arrival was a heartwarming experience. As they approached, Tubs would shower them with affection, brightening their day.

Tubs shares a special connection with her owner’s partner, a bond that warms the heart. When he returns home, she rushes to the door to greet him with her tail wagging with excitement.

Tubs is more than just a pet; she’s family. She can sense her owner’s emotions, offering comfort when he’s upset and sharing in his joy when he’s happy.

This story isn’t just about Tubs; it’s about how she brings the community together. A simple greeting from this lovable dog strengthens the bonds among neighbors, even if they don’t realize it.

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