Little Boy Baffled By His Doppelganger He Spotted On A Poster At Walmart

A 3 year old boy from Missouri was baffled by a poster of another boy at Walmart, who looked exactly like him.


The young boy was convinced that the boy in the poster was him, who had the same hairlocks and they were both red-headed.

The baffled kid was recorded pointing at the boy in the poster, telling his mother it was him, Carter. He was totally convinced of himself.

Later, it was discovered that the boy in the poster is also incidentally called Carter. Five years old and from California. Both the mothers were also equally surprised when they found out about it.

The two boys met each other in a video conference call. And had also both coincidentally cut their hair locks, that time. The video has been swarmed with heartwarming comments from people all over the internet;

“That’s actually a pretty insane coincidence. I’m so glad the boys got to meet each other, they were so lucky!”

“The fact that he was pointing at the picture and calling the right name all along in crazy!”

Cutest thing ever, they’re just extremely adorable! The innocence of small children is what’s keeping this world a tiny bit happy.