Mother Elephant Rescued With CPR In Dramatic Rescue

An elephant and her baby were able to walk away after frantic efforts by vets to revive her with CPR paid off.


The incident began with the elephant calf falling into a manhole in Khao Yai National Park in central Thailand.

The concerned mother was getting all worked up and desperately wanted to get her baby out.

The vets present there gave her anesthetic shots to subdue her, but the chaos caused her to fall into a muddy hole.

Elephants are very clannish, and like humans, they also have deep connections with family members.

Thank God for those vets who quickly performed CPR on the mother and were able to save her life.

Heart-wrenching video footage shows staff members jumping up and down on the mother’s body to perform CPR and resuscitate her while her baby nervously squealed. Their efforts paid off, and the elephant and baby were reunited.

Rescuers perform CPR on elephant in Thailand

DRAMATIC RESCUE: Vets took swift action to rescue a mother elephant and her calf that fell in a drain in Thailand. Rescuers had to perform CPR on the mother to save her life, but she ended up walking away with her baby.

Posted by ABC News on Thursday, 14 July 2022

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