Lesbian Turns To Christ After God Radically Transformed Her View of Homosexuality

A story of reformation and restoration of a former lesbian is giving hope to people across the world.

When Emily Thomes was 15 years old, she started dating a girl who lived down the street.

Emily Thomes homosexuality testimony

One day she came home with a hickey that her dad spotted, she told him, “I love her. It’s a girl, and I’m gonna be with her, and this is how it is.”

Emily did not want to cow down but wanted to own her homosexual lifestyle. She dated women for years and even justified her actions by twisting Christianity to fit her lifestyle. She believed in, “God being love meant God was nice and God was chill with what you were cool with.”

According to her, one should not judge others and believed that if you’re a Christian, you had to be on her side. If not, then you’re a legalist who needed to grasp what God was really all about.

homosexuality testimony

That all changed when she attended a Bible study at the age of 22, where God changed her ‘backward thinking’ and misconceptions about His character. She googled verses on homosexuality, and read in the Bible what God had to say about it.

“That day it’s like my eyes were really opened. I was amazed at the grace He’d shown me,” says Emily. She finally realized that she had it all wrong.

Emily Thomes homosexuality testimony-2

The Bible is clear that drunkards, murderers, and other sinners, cannot enter the kingdom of heaven and also those engaged in homosexuality. She received hope for her redemption along with all those who would repent of their sinful nature, by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Emily Thomes testimony

“People say to me all the time, ‘I was born this way.’ I say ‘okay yeah me too,’” says Emily of her romantic affections toward women. “You’re not born with right affections. That’s why Jesus had to come. You feeling a desire to sin just proves you need grace like me. It’s not gay to straight, it’s lost to saved. God calls us not to heterosexuality but to holiness. Even though the world would paint a totally different story about what sexuality is and isn’t, God’s word is clear, and He can save, and He does…and He will.”


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