Meet E’Layah Faith, One Of The Smallest Babies Ever Born Survives The IMPOSSIBLE

E'Layah Faith Pegues2

Becoming parents is one of the most exciting moments in our life. But for Megan Smith and Eric Pegues, it was the most anxious moment that they had ever faced.

Megan was 5-months pregnant, when things began to get complicated. She suffered from high blood pressure, severe morning sickness and almost had two strokes. After that, she spent the following month on bed rest. Then, the heartbreaking moment, Megan realized that her baby is not moving in her womb. Doctors suggested the couple to prepare for the worst. Megan gave birth to a baby girl via emergency c-section on September 23 2015 at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.


It was 3 and half months prior to her due date. The baby E’Layah weighed just 10 ounces and measured 10 inches long. As she was born prematured, her internal organs and intestines were not developed completely.


It was beyond the limit of technology to maintain the life of one of the smallest babies in the world. The parents were told that their baby girl has only less chances of survival. But Megan and Eric were not ready to give up. They gave their baby girl the middle name Faith. Because they strongly believed that their baby E’Layah Faith Pegues would overcome all the challenges. Faith spent the following months in Levine Children’s Hospital on a ventilator, underwent several blood transfusions and also had some complications with her undeveloped organs.


With the love and support of the medical team and the family, baby Faith defied all the odds. Five months later, she headed to home as a normal and healthy kid. Now E’Layah Faith Pegues, the miracle baby enjoys life to its fullest with her family and has proved to not give up under any situations.

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