Retiring UPS Driver Puts Biggest Fan Behind The Wheel In heartwarming Moment

A retired UPS driver made his last day on the job special by giving his biggest fan a chance to be behind the wheel.

ups driver Dave Weingardt

Driver Dave Weingardt met 18-year-old Caleb Lambert on his route in Franktown, Colo.

The retired UPS driver made his last day on the job unforgettable when he gave Caleb a special surprise.

Caleb calls him “my friend Mr. David.” and was so thrilled whenever Mr. David would come to the house.

So Dave decided to honor his friendship by making Caleb an honorary UPS Driver for a day.

He got him his own uniform, his own delivery mini truck, and allowed him to honk the horn as well.

Dave said to have Caleb at the office with all the brown trucks and for him to get up in the trucks and sit in the driver’s seat and honk the horn and have all the drivers and managers there applauding him was so special.


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