Farmers Come Together To Harvest Neighbor’s Field As He Battles Cancer

Farmers have to work really hard in the field, before they can reap a harvest, but what happens if they are sick and not able to work. Greg Bishop is a farmer who is is a fight with cancer and needs all the help he can get to tend to his crops.

But thankfully for Bishop who lives in the loving west Texas community where other local farmers are lending him a  helping hand tending to his cotton crops while he fights leukemia and undergoes chemo. His crops cover 1,200 acres in Floyd County, but because of his weakened immune system and overall health, Bishop was advised not to go outside and do hard labor in the fields.

His farmer neighbors brought machinery worth $12 million to Bishop’s farm, and they started harvesting his cotton field by 3 p.m. the very same day. Aaron Hendricks, general manager of Floydada Co-Op Gins says, “He’s a very good Christian man,” and added, “Just a good-hearted man. He’s very humble. He’s just the best person.”

Hendricks has known Bishop for the last 25 years and wants everyone to know how kind a guy he is. He had 35 to 40 people coming in to his office the day to help Bishop during this difficult time. Hendricks said that the farmers willingly came to help him by organizing machinery and watching Bishop’s farm to keep a track of when the cotton would be ready to be harvested.

farmers harvest neighbors field

People even came from long distances to help Bishop out, who was clearly overwhelmed by this outpouring of generosity from the community. He was thanking each and everyone who helped him out, but nobody felt the need for getting any thanks as they just were thankful for Bishop and all he had done for the community and just wanted to help him out.

They did not stop there but have even started a fundraiser to help Bishop stay in Dallas for the medical treatment he needs. He also needs to travel to Baylor for a 100 days for a a bone marrow transplant and many people in the community are already volunteering to see if their bone marrow is a good match.

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