Dad In Wheelchair Dancing with Daughter on Stage Captures Hearts

This heartwarming video of a wheelchair-bound dad dancing with his daughter on stage has captured the hearts of millions.

father daughter dance dad in wheelchair

Charles Potter, who had to use a wheelchair after being hit by a drunk driver, didn’t allow his disability keep him from dancing with his daughter Charlize. He had to relearn how to do everything, from crawling to eating, after the accident in 2006.

“He’s[God] not going to put you through nothing that you cant get through” Charles explained. He believes that God had a good reason for keeping him alive and that nothing ever happens for no reason.

The video, shows the father-daughter duo dancing at a recital to a choreographed routine on stage. What makes the dance even more special is that they learned the routine just four days prior to the performance. Charlize, who is intelligent and understanding of her father’s situation, seamlessly incorporates his wheelchair into the dance.

The heartwarming moment between the father and daughter quickly became an internet sensation and has been viewed millions of times, while also receiving countless comments and messages of support for the Potters;

One person commented, “The amount of courage it actually takes for that man to step on stage is immeasurable. Respect!”

While someone wrote, “True love from a Father to a Daughter, proves he will go to any length to make sure his little girl is HAPPY ! MUCH RESPECT !!!

“that sweet little girl is so lucky to have a dad who loves her so much” wrote another.

WATCH: Wheelchair-bound Dad Dancing with Daughter