Thrift Store Employee Finds Thousands of Dollars Falling Out of a T-Shirt, Knows Just What to Do With It

It was an ordinary day at Pick of the Litter, a thrift shop in Burlingame, California, until manager Oliver Jolis stumbled upon an extraordinary discovery.

finding money in thrift stores

Jolis was just going about his regular duties—ringing up sales and sorting through bags of donated clothes—when “Money just started falling out. Money flew out of the shirt!”

This wasn’t mere pocket change. Jolis found a staggering $5,000 in cash, stashed away in one of the clothing items. In a bag accompanying the money, he also discovered an old piece of paper with car insurance information. A lesser person might have pocketed the money, but Jolis immediately set out to return it to its rightful owner.

With the help of his coworkers, Jolis contacted a woman who regularly donates items to the store. She was able to correctly answer all their questions, confirming that the lost cash belonged to her.

The woman, who preferred to remain anonymous, expressed her awe and gratitude: “He could have just put the money in his pocket. Nobody would have known. But he didn’t.”

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