Mystery Fisherman Saves Two Children From Drowning In Lake

A fisherman became a hero after he helped save the lives of two children at a lake in upstate New York.

The unnamed hero did not even give out his name and just left the scene after pulling the kids from the water.

The 10-year-old children were out on kayaks at Cossayuna Lake in Washington County when the incident occurred.

FYI: Water Rescue at Cossayuna Lake.

Posted by Town of Greenwich NY Government on Monday, 3 May 2021

Local police said that as the two 10-year-old children were out on the lake one fell out.

The other child couldn’t help the child who fell in the water and reportedly held on to his capsized boat.

He couldn’t swim or paddle the boat back to shore, but thanks to a fisherman who came to the rescue as he was nearby in his boat.

The unidentified man heard the children yelling and helped out kids get back to shore, and then just left.

Sgt. Robert Sullivan of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said the fisherman brought the struggling child back to shore and then went back out on the water fishing.

Authorities could not identify him and apparently, the family of the boy who fell in the water wants to thank the man. They have put out an appeal asking for information on the man to reach out.

This incident is being used to remind people to use life vests while out on boats or kayaks by local authorities.