He Met a Blind, Disabled Boy At A Diner. 17 Years Later, See How That Moment Changed Their Lives

It was October of 1999, Jim Bradford noticed a lonely boy sitting in a local Tennessee diner. His name was HK Derryberry. Bradford spend some time with HK and learned everything about him since he was born. It was really a heartbreaking story.

HK lost his mother in an accident while she was pregnant with him. The crash impact brought the unborn child into the world so earlier, it also resulted in a brain bleed, left him with cerebral palsy and underdeveloped right limbs.

HK’s retina was not fully developed and that made him blind. When Bradford met HK, it was the begining of a beautiful friendship. Bradford became a mentor and a father to the young boy. And now their incredible bond is inspiring people around the world.

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