George Floyd Was A Man Of Faith With Experience In Ministry

When the country woke up to heartwrenching footage of the last minutes of George Floyd’s life, many people were left outraged and angry about the excessive use of police force on the 46-year-old African American man.

He was choked to death by the knee of a police officer in Minneapolis on Monday and even though many know him just because of that gruelling footage, those in ministry in his hometown of Houston — knew him to be a “person of peace” who, for decades, mentored young men living in rough areas.


“He said, ‘I love what you’re doing. The neighborhood need it, the community need it, and if y’all about God’s business, then that’s my business,’” recalled hip-hop artist Corey Paul Davis, a personal friend of Floyd’s. “He said, ‘Whatever y’all need, wherever y’all need to go, tell ’em Floyd said y’all good. I got y’all.’”

Standing more than six feet tall, he was known as “Big Floyd” to his friends.

Floyd did have a criminal past and served a few stints behind bars for drug possession and armed robbery. But he turned his life around and was a model example of what it means to be rehabilitated.

He moved to Minneapolis in 2018 to leave behind his history in Houston for a new life, after having worked in ministry for nearly a decade in his hometown. He needed to find a job.

His life in Texas was an inspiration to many, he led a basketball outreach in the Third Ward, and helped Resurrection Houston, an up-and-coming church at the time, secure space on a basketball court in the notoriously rough area for worship services.


In an old video, Floyd can be seen pleading with young men in the next generation to put down their guns and stop the violence. “Our young generation is clearly lost, man,” said Floyd. “I don’t even know what to say. … It’s clearly the generation after us, man, that’s so lost.”

To the young men who go out, thinking they’re tough for carrying a gun, Floyd added: “Come on home, man. One day, it’s gonna be you and God. You’re goin’ up or you’re goin’ down, you know what I’m sayin’? That’s gonna be it. … My heart hurts.”


Floyd seemed to be a genuinely rehabilitated person, but he died Monday at the hands of a cop known for using too much force, allegedly because he bought something at a local deli with a counterfeit bill.

Let’s keep our nation in prayer during this hard and difficult time, violence and looting is rampant in many states and we are dealing with the pandemic and the violence now.

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Brenda Eccles Jardine

I will be praying for his family and the people he worked with also I will be praying for violence and racism to stop.

N Hubbell

While much of what you say is true – there needs to be more objectivity & insight.

Julie Tofilon

Thanks so much for posting this! It mirrors my thoughts exactly! Fighting fire with fire just leads to bigger fires! We need the healing rain of Holy Spirit humility and gentleness to put out these fires! Only the Lord can transcend hatred, mistrust, and misdirected anger. Our real enemy is the Enemy!

Desert Dweller

First get your stories straight, he did not die of asphyxyiation according to the medical examiner, he had a bad heart for one…second he was trying to pass a phony 20 dollar bill, that is NOT WHAT I CALL TURNING HIS LIFE AROUND….stop fueling the phony fire!

Skinny Benny

As an American who happens to be black, I can’t explain to you what that is like. I have been set up and framed in jobs because I was trying to get ahead, I have been accused of stealing and had all my bank accounts audited for six months, thank God there was nothing but regular payroll deposits, I have been made to remove my glasses to take an eye test after scoring the highest level on test and then told I don’t get the job. That is America for me and millions more like me. As a black person… Read more »


This unfortunately reminds me of 1. Your innocent until proven guilty. My husband once had a fake 10 dollar bill given to him when he was in his 20’s. He did not know it was fake. It was part of a payment for an item sold. Was he bad? No. A person also mentions that the person died of heart problems- so what! Do you not think that holding a person down with your knee on their neck might put some stress on the heart?? I certainly think it would. So they die early when perhaps he could have had… Read more »


I do pray that the violence and looting stop! It does not honor this man or his family’s loss. I did not know Floyd, but he was depicted as a man of God. God bless him and his family.

Fran L Stalsonberg

What happened to this man was so wrong. It has made me sick to my stomach that this sort of violence with some police is still going on. When does it all STOP. We need to get down on our knees and ask God to forgive us of all our sins and accept him as our personal savior for he is the ONLY one who can save us. He is a forgiving God, never turns his back on anyone, always loves who we are no matter what and he’s always there for us when we are in need, but since… Read more »

Roy Proctor

if what you say about this man is true, why hasn’t our enlightened media revealed this information? Could it me the media is not on our side, but look for opportunities to create unrest. Little has been said about the truth.
Christian? Okay where is the media outrage when a church in Georgia was burned. Where is the media outrage when a teen enters a church and opens fire?
Truth: America has a heart problem that crosses all races and generations. Only Jesus in the lives of people will solve it.

V Pittman

What kind of evil hearted person can think that the passing of a fake bill and a heart condition is worthy of getting murdered, by an officer of the law? It’s not even probable cause for an arrest!
that person is more evil than the cop.

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