Police Help Reunite Giant Dog With Owner After He Refused To Leave Dollar Store

A giant dog at Dollar store in Bradenton, Florida who spent hours browsing through the aisles after hours, had to be assisted by police to leave.


The dog who weighed a massive 135 pounds was giving the store clerks a real challenge after it broke through the gates on June 15, the Bradenton Florida police had to be called in to assist employees in removing the dog from there.

An officer from the Bradenton Police department asked the clerk, “So, he just walked in?” referencing the huge dog that was found roaming all over the store after-hours.

The employee told the officer in body cam video, “Yeah, like, ‘Hey I’m here to go grab something,’ and then he really just walked the whole store,” the employee said.

The dog whose name was Bentley was too big for the ties that the first officer who responded to the call tried to use. But later with some nudging and petting, the officers were able to remove the dog from there.

Officers said that Bentley had broken through a gate and walked a few blocks to the Dollar store where he spent some hours checking out the stuff there.

The officers found Bentley to be in top condition with a clean coat of hair and so understood that he belonged to a home and had a family.

“Fortunately, Bentley does have a microchip — or maybe a megachip,” the police department jokingly added after finding Bentley’s microchip that helped them reunite him with his family after his owner found he was missing and was thankful to the store and police who took care of him.

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