Adorable Little Girl Fall In Love With Her Newborn Sister And Refuses To Hand Over Her To Grandma

Viral video shows a big sister refusing to let anyone take her newborn baby sister away from her

This viral video of an overprotective big sister is going to make your heart burst 😍😭

Posted by Motherly on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

With the arrival of a new born baby in the household, there are a lot of changes that happen and much adjustment to be done. So when  2-year-old Henley met her new baby sister, Peyton for the first time, the adorable clip which captured by her aunt, Danielle Neville, and posted  online has been seen by thousands and has since gone viral.

It shows Henley lying in the bassinet with newborn Peyton, wrapped up near her, and though they barely fit in the bassinet together, Peyton is fast asleep as Henley puts a protective arm underneath her and looks at grandmom who wants to carry up little Peyton, but big sister won’t let that happen.

I’m pretty proud that I was have to do her hair so easily

Posted by Danielle Neville on Thursday, September 13, 2018

As grandma is trying to scoop up Peyton, Henley shakes her head “no.” But an undeterred grandma tries again. “I’ll take her,” she repeats. “Cant I” — but before she can finish her sentence, Henley’s pulled Peyton closer, looking straight at grandma the whole while. Grandma says “I’m sorry,” to her, but because she doesn’t stop trying to lift Peyton up from her bed, upsets Henley, but then grandma gives her a good solution by asking her, “You want to go for a ride?” Henley likes this option and nods.

The clip shows her listening attentively when asked if she’s holding onto her baby sister, and then shakes her head no when she’s asked if she’s wearing her seat belt. This cute clip showing the sisterly love between these siblings is winning the hearts of millions of viewers online.

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