Girl With Cerebral Palsy Has Emotional Reunion With Best Friend After Being Months Apart

It was a moment of sheer joy for a girl with cerebral palsy when she was reunited with her best friends after spending months apart due to the pandemic.

girl reunited with best friend

Megan Milam, 13, from Tyler in Texas, is non-verbal and communicates through a modified version of American Sign Language (ASL) with her best friend, Michael Pile, 12.

Megan’s mom, Amy, and Michael’s mom, Sarah, are best friends too and were feeling the pain of their children who went months without seeing each other. It was especially hard for Megan who didn’t know about the changes going on in the outside world and was wondering why she couldn’t see other people.

Amy and Sarah decided it was high time they did something about it as Megan started questioning if she would ever see Michael again. The heartwarming reunion was captured on camera by Amy as Megan sat in her backyard and Michael and Sarah came out of the house behind Megan.

Michael then shouted “What’s up Megan?!” causing her to jump before screaming with excitement and then proceed to hug Michael and Sarah. Amy was filled with happiness watching her daughter smile again reaction, on June 12. She added: “Michael understands Megan in ways nobody else does.

“He enjoys his time with her as much as she does, and Michael is very special to her because of their bond. With him, she’s always laughing – she calls him her brother.” She said. “I genuinely hope anyone watching the joy on my child’s face understands that people with special needs have beautiful spirits and minds and hearts.

“We aren’t so different that we can’t bond with one another the way Meg and Michael have.” Amy added.


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