Community Comes Together To Help Distraught Mom With SpaghettiOs For Autistic Daughter

A mom from Attleboro has been in distress for the last couple of months over the shortage of SpaghettiOs- the only thing her daughter will eat.


Distressed mom

She says, “To go in a store and there are aisles empty and there was only one type of a certain thing – it was so strange,” Crystal MacDonald said. “It felt apocalyptic.” She added, Yogurt can taste a little different. Grilled cheese can taste a little different. SpaghettiOs are always the same. It’s her comfort because it’s the only thing that’s the same in a world of chaos,” MacDonald said.

Ashlyn has autism, and the 11-year-old is mostly nonverbal and the mom shared on social media that she couldn’t find their family’s essential item. But now, thanks to strangers, they suddenly had more than 100 cans- all donated by strangers.


Community comes together

“A bunch of people said, ‘Hey I have some’ or ‘I’ve seen them at Walmart in Walpole or wherever. We’ll grab you some. We’ll grab you 12 cans.’ Without me even asking they just went and did,” she said.

A year of supply


This community generosity caught Campbell’s attention; and now the company is sending Ashlyn a year’s worth of SpaghettiOs! It’s really the only thing she eats, so the 768 cans should last about six months or so. “I always remember Mr. Rogers and his mother used to tell him to look for the helpers. To see the helpers in our community helping us, that is such an amazing gift beyond what they’ve given us. This gift of real-life hope. I can teach that to my children. Everyone has helped.”

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