Delivery Driver Honors American Flag After Dog Tries to Run Off With It

A sense of love and solidarity for our country is what binds us together despite our differences and this incident proves it.

Footage from a ring doorbell camera of an Amazon delivery driver folding the flag after rescuing it from a dog is warming hearts everywhere.


The driver seems to be a regular in the area and the community because when he first arrives on camera, the owner’s dog is loose.

He then calls the dog and stops him from running off and carries the big dog up several steps and puts him down gently once inside the yard and even shares water from his bottle with the dog.

He then goes back to get the packages when he sees the American Flag lying on the ground.

That must have pierced the driver’s heart and he doesn’t leave it there but takes the time to fold the American flag flawlessly.

There is a way to fold ‘Old Glory’ properly, according to flag etiquette, and members of the Military are taught how to do it and this delivery driver folds it up perfectly.

After he folds the flag, he grabs the packages and sets the flag on top of the packages on display. He even salutes the flag and does one astounding thing before he leaves, he fills the dog’s bowl with enough water until his owners return home.

What a well mannered man this Amazon delivery driver is. He taught us how to honor the flag and take care of an animal with grace and etiquette.

WATCH: Amazon Delivery Driver Folds American Flag


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