Teacher Almost Quit Because Of Troublesome Student. Then She Adopted Him

The teacher was really struggling with an unruly student, and then the God intervene with a way out asking her to be his mother!

Chelsea Haley has joined Teach For America in 2013 to make a difference in a low income school.She met this 12 year old student Jerome Robinson while teaching at an elementary school in Baton Rouge. This 4th grade student was a bit different and was quite tough to mentor him. Even though Haley too had a great struggle to control him, the two had formed an unlikely bond in due course. So the other teachers started sending Jerome to Haley’s classroom because they knew she was the only one who can handle him.

When her two year tenure with Teach For America was drawing to and, the principle suggested her to stay back for an year more for Jerome as a special education teacher. Surprisingly her whole plan got changed when she had a dream from God on one October night and in the dream she felt like God is asking her to become Jerome’s mother .Awaking from the dream she was feeling like the idea as preposterous and didn’t take it so seriously. But on the very next day she was stunned to hear from Jerome itself, asking her if he can live with her!!

Infact Jerome and his younger brother was living in very poverty along with their grandparents and birth mother. His family was going through tough times after the recent loss of their two family members. Learning about his situations, she knew what it was meant by God to become his mother and she decides to meet Jerome’s mother to take up the matter seriously!

During the dinner she explained to his mother about her return to Georgia, since her third year at the school was getting over. But his mother’s reply was really strengthening her decision as the the mother told the teacher that “you can go back, but I want you to take Jerome and Jace with you”.

Within months Haley adopted the two boys, Jerome and his one and a half year old brother Jace and the happy family is now residing at Marietta Georgia! 24 year old single mother Haley is very happy with her student as he is thriving more than ever and has made honor roll in both quarters!