Good Samaritan Spots Man Walking In Snowstorm, Helps Him Get A New Car

A heartwarming act that started after a man spotted someone walking to work during a snowstorm ended in a string of acts of kindness.


Jimmy Preston saw John Brandeberry walking along Holland-Sylvania Road, heading in to work.

He stopped him and gave him a lift to his job at Kroger. Preston and the non-profit Blessings in Disguise helped cover Brandeberry’s driver’s education courses and license.

Now Brandeberry not only has his driver’s license but on Thursday, he received a fully paid-off 2013 Toyota Rav4.

Jim White Toyota in Maumee covered more than half the price, with money from a GoFundMe that Preston set up covering the rest, plus six months of car insurance.

Brandeberry also got a new bike rack for his car and a new bike and he is overwhelmed, to say the least. All these acts of kindness proved to him that there are still good people in the world.

He said, “You should treat everyone how you want to be treated.” We should never give up on our miracle because our God is a miracle-working God. Amen!


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