Police Officer Surprises Fan On Her 95th Birthday

Fresno resident, Letty Murphy received the biggest surprise on her 95th birthday from her favorite California Highway Patrol Officer, Anthony Daulton.


The 95-year-old is an avid fan of the officer who provides updates on the latest traffic during the afternoon and evening newscasts on ABC30. Letty says she likes his smile and his pretty eyes and that she never misses watching TV whenever Daulton comes on.

After hearing about his lovely fan, the officer decided to surprise her by showing up on her birthday with a bouquet of flowers. The heartwarming moment was caught on camera and it shows the priceless reaction of the elderly lady when she sees officer Daulton standing right in front of her.

“95? Happy Birthday!! can I give you a hug?” Daulton asked. Letty eagerly responded with a resounding, “Oh, absolutely!” The officer also took the time to sit down with Letty, browsing through old family photos.

It was a day to remember for Letty and a reminder that little acts of kindness can go a long way in brightening someone’s day.

WATCH: Police Officer Surprises His Biggest Fan On Her 95th Birthday

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