Scared Little Girl Wants Grandpa To Dance With Her And He Jumps Up To Save Her Day

One cute clip proved that grandparents love their grandchildren so much, that they could do anything for their happiness.

Jeff Harville of Claiborne County, Tennessee is a motorcycle enthusiast and certainly not a dancer. But recently a video was shot by his daughter Chelsey Lester which showed him show off his dancing prowess.

Jeff had gone to a cheerleading event at the invitation of his adorable granddaughter, McKinly Lester. During the course of the program, at the Gap Creek School gymnasium the family had no idea that Jeff would be on stage dancing.

Four-year-old McKinly started getting stage fright as she was watching other cheerleaders perform and did not want to perform on stage alone. Thankfully her “papaw” was there to help her out.

“Mommy, I want Papaw to dance with me!” McKinly said to Chelsey as she was supposed to go on, and when Chelsey told Jeff what was happening, he didn’t hesitate to leap out of his seat and take his little granddaughter by the hand.

Armed with a set of pom poms, Jeff did the chicken dance with McKinly in front of the entire school with the entire school laughing as Jeff was wiggling his bottom in time to the music and watching McKinly for his cues.

Chelsey said the family wasn’t suprised at what Jeff did, “Her papaw means a lot to her,” Chelsey said. “She is a papaw’s girl! This is something she will never forget as a child. Her papaw dancing with her.”