Siblings Sings ‘Always The Same’ To Honor Their Dad

Jason Hamilton and Megan Hamilton Morgan sing “Always The Same,” their dad’s favorite song. The song was written by Ron Hamilton in 1983. Hamilton, was a composer of formal church music, and never dreamed of becoming a children’s musician. He had lost one eye to cancer, and kids began to see him as a pirate, so he became one and sold a lot of records.


Hamilton had a thriving career as a children’s song composer and life was looking good, when suddenly in 2013, his son killed himself after suffering from mental health issues.
Now Hamilton faces a new challenge- dementia. God has always been a part of this family and He will carry them through.

I am His, He is mine; Jesus knows my name.
I can rest in His arms; He’s always the same.
When I fall, when I call, Jesus takes my hand.
Cleansing me, lifting me, He helps me to stand.

In His love, I’m secure; we shall never part.
In His Word I will trust and give Him all my heart.
In the dark of the night, when my heart would fear,
Lovingly, tenderly, my Savior is near.

Always the same, O praise His name,
Jesus never changes; He’s always the same.
Always together, His love is forever.
Jesus never changes; He’s always the same.

Ron’s children, Jason Hamilton and Megan Hamilton sing a beautiful rendition of “Always The Same” a song written by Ron Hamilton, it tells us about how the Lord Jesus is the same forever, and in his steadfast love we will always be safe.

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