‘Hide Me, Rock Of Ages’ A Cappella Performance by Praise & Harmony

Sixteen singers came together to perform the hymn ‘Hide Me, Rock Of Ages’ a cappella.

hide me rock of ages a cappella performance by praise harmony

This event was part of a project by Praise & Harmony, a ministry involving Keith Lancaster, Sharon Lancaster, and Acapella Ministries. The singers, each with their own style, brought life and joy to the performance.

The hymn has a unique history. Brantley C. George, a farmer and gospel songwriter, composed it in 1946. Interestingly, he first wrote it on a brown paper sack. Despite its popularity and being featured in 17 hymnals, George only received $25 for the rights.

The hymn’s lyrics offer comfort and speak of finding protection in faith. One of the lines goes:

Hide me oh blessed rock of ages (blessed rock of ages hide me)
‘Til Thy blessed face I see (Thy face I see in glory)
When the storm around me rages (round me rages, blessed)
Rock of ages hide Thou me

In the storms of life, let us find our shelter in God, our steadfast Rock of Ages. Trust in His unyielding protection and guidance, knowing that in Him, we are always safe.

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