Elderly Man Receives Baptism In Hospital With Help From Staff

When hospital staff led an elderly patient who had only 15% of his heart functioning properly, this heart touching moment was captured on video and is winning many hearts online.

Kenneth Connors is a patient in his eighties at an Alabama hospital with a serious heart ailment but when it came to handing over his life to Jesus, he did not waste time and with the help of hospital staff and doctors, he was unhooked from his machines and transported to a place where he could be baptized.

It truly was an emotional sight to see an elderly man receive baptism which proves that it is never too late to make this all important decision in life.


Today was a great day. HH staff, you were amazing. Thank you for accommodating my papaw and his special wish. God is truly good.

Posted by Mary Curtis on Thursday, January 24, 2019

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