8-Year-Old Prays To God After Floodwaters Swept His Mother Away

An 8-year-old Tennessee boy climbed on the top of a shed and prayed to God after floodwaters destroyed his home and washed his mother away. Today the brave boy is telling his story with stitches on his face.

boy prays on roof Madden Sanders
Madden Sanders

The incident

Madden Sanders spoke about the flooding that took place in Tennessee, “I went into the living room and told my mom that the water was covering the road, so she told me to pack my bags and everything that I need.”

As the waters entered his Waverly home, the house lifted off its base, floating away.

“Then I looked because I felt something and we were moving,” said Madden’s mother, Elizabeth Sanders. “Then I heard the house. It felt like it was collapsing in, everything was coming toward us.”

Elizabeth quickly grabbed a floating toy, just big enough to put him on. The Sanders family home was carried by floodwaters and left a block away from its location.

“We floated out. She pushed me out too far and she went under and then I went under and then I hit the house two times,” said Madden.

Elizabeth said, “That was the last time I saw him and all I could hear him screaming was, ‘Mommy’ at me.” The waters had torn them apart, dragging Elizabeth a mile away.

It must have been a really difficult time for Madden when he saw his mother being separated from him, but God was working behind the scenes to reunite them once again.

“My mama washed away and then I found this shed and I was holding on to it and then I got an idea and I climbed on top of the shed,” said Madden. He waited on the shed alone.

As time passed, Madden began to pray, “I said please God, don’t let me die,” said Madden. “I want to live a really good life.”

Madden Sanders was on top of the roof of the collapsed shed where he sought refuge for hours alone before he was saved. Friends and family were looking for him, including his uncle who wouldn’t survive the search.

“I thought for sure my baby was just gone, I thought that was it,” said Elizabeth. After a grueling four hours, Madden was rescued. Videos captured by bystanders show Madden putting on a life-vest as he was pulled to safety by Waverly resident Mark Bohanon.

Elizabeth believes it was a miracle. “I don’t know what God has planned for my boy, but I’m ready to see it,” said Elizabeth. “I know he’s got big plans for him.” On Monday, Madden will turn 9 years old and will be celebrated in a big way like never before.


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