How To Live A Good And Pleasing Life In God’s Eyes

The word of God tells us in 2 Timothy 3:1 that the love of many will grow cold and that lawlessness and immorality will start to abound. It continues saying that men will become lovers of self and money, and will love pleasure rather than God.

how to lead a godly life

The condition of the world today is nothing much to write home about, and we know as Christians that its going to get a lot worse in the coming years.

  • Listen to the Holy Spirit

As Christians, we have the Holy Spirit who is residing in our human spirits to guide and help us every step of the way. We are also clothed with the righteousness of Christ, but we must be careful that we don’t try and take advantage of God’s grace that we have from Jesus.

We still have to struggle and overcome every evil desire of our flesh and live a righteous life before the Lord. We cannot abuse this newfound righteousness we have in Jesus Christ to have the liberty to keep on sinning.

Thus says the Lord: “Keep justice, and do righteousness … blessed is the man who does this … and keeps his hand from doing any evil.” (Isaiah 56:1-2)

We have to make up our minds to avoid doing any wickedness and live a good and righteous life before the Lord and staying out of committing sins. We also have the Holy Spirit on the inside of us who is there to guide us and teach us in this life, and also convict us when we do wrong.

  • Make Up Our Minds To Live A Holy Life

When we find ourselves falling short or having a hard time when we are faced with temptation we must ask God to help us to pull us out of that situation and take action.

We must realize that we are born again through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and we have to allow God to carry out the sanctification process within us.

We must make up our minds to do our best to live a sanctified and righteous life the way God wants us to and not what the world wants us to live it.

  • Follow The Word Of God

The Bible is full of scriptures about the ways and commandments of our Lord, and exactly how He wants us to do life. The Holy Spirit is on the inside of each of us and His job is to guide us and teach us and convict us where we are going wrong.

We must make every effort on our end to try and live a good and righteous lives before God so that we can please Him and that He will be happy with us and approve of our conduct down here on earth.