Human Chain Saves Dolphin In Clearwater

A heartwarming scene unfolded in central Florida as a group of 28 biologists rallied together to save a struggling dolphin.


The Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) reported that the team joined hands to form a human chain, guiding the solitary mammal towards open waters and away from the residential creek it had become trapped in. The chain served as a physical and auditory barrier, giving the dolphin a sense of direction and comfort as it swam in the opposite direction from the biologists.

But there were moments of uncertainty as the team watched the dolphin make a sudden turn. Senior rescue biologist Brittany Baldrica recounts, “We were worried for a second that maybe it had broken our line of people.” However, her fears were soon assuaged as she watched the dolphin’s dorsal fin break the surface of the water on the other side of the bridge. The team erupted into joyous applause and cheer as they realized the dolphin had made it safely through.

The biologists had been keeping a close eye on the animal for several weeks prior to the rescue, after being alerted by local residents on New Year’s Day. Despite its isolation, the dolphin was in good health and not subject to any harm or harassment. The team acted out of a desire to safeguard the aquatic mammal from potential long-term issues, such as isolation from its peers and human interference.

It is truly a blessing to see people come together to help one of God’s magnificent creatures in need. The CMA’s efforts are a testament to the love and care that humans are capable of showing towards our animal friends.

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