Two Young Boys Jump Off Their Bikes To Pay Respects To A Fallen Military Veteran

It was a heartwarming scene when two boys in Batesville, Indiana, stopped to pay their tributes during a funeral procession for a military veteran, last week.

indiana boys veterans funeral

The funeral procession was for 89-year-old Charles Everett Yorn. The incident was witnessed by Jacqi Hornbach, who saw the boys paying their respects, by stopping and getting off their bikes.

“To see these two young boys immediately stop and pay their respects to a passed serviceman, without any prompting or knowledge of anyone watching, was just so touching to see,” Hornbach said.

Hornbach, later posted about the moment on Facebook, saying, the boys “immediately jumped off” their bikes and “waited patiently for a few minutes.”

As taps began to play, “they both stood with arms behind their backs, silently, the entire time,” Honrbach said.
“It was as if they didn’t even have to discuss it before doing it,” she added.

“They knew that’s just what you do when you come across this. It was so natural for them.” Hornbach felt inclined to stand up after seeing the boys stop and look on.

“They did the gun salute and the boys jumped back in their bikes and went on their way,” she said. Hornbach wasn’t sure about posting about the moment online but decided that with “all the negative things going on” it was needed.

Posted by Jacqi Hornbach on Sunday, 5 September 2021

She said the Batesville community is “very patriotic” and incidents like these help her realize that “there is so much good left in this world.”


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