Man Has Face-To-Face Encounter With God And Evil Before Miraculously Recovering From Coronavirus

Jeff Fusco is inspiring thousands with the story of his miracle recovery which is even mentioned on his medical chart.


Medical miracle

The Ohio husband and dad had one of the worst cases of COVID-19 at the Cleveland Clinic and doctors had even given him just 2 hours to live at one point. “I think you can say that pretty confidently. I mean he was a very sick guy,” said Dr. Anthony Hayek, Cleveland Clinic. “It’s a miracle,” added Dr. Elise Kwizera. “Looking at what he battled through, overcoming that, it was absolutely heartwarming.”

Supernatural encounters

Fusco said he got a medical miracle due to the skilled medical staff at the clinic, but he remembers that he was so close to death and was face to face with God and an evil entity. “I didn’t ask for this, I didn’t go looking for it,” said Fusco. “It’s just what happened to me.”

Seeing God and evil

He was stricken with the virus at the start of the pandemic last spring when doctors didn’t know much about it. His temperature was more than 104 degrees for at least two weeks and he was on a ventilator for nearly three weeks.

“I was packed in ice, my kidneys failed, my heart was slowing and going into arrhythmia, liver, all functions were stopping,” said Fusco. And then he had his first supernatural encounter, “What Jeff describes is a classic battle between good and evil,” said Father Ken Miller.

Transforming lives


His faith and miraculous survival have transformed the lives of all who heard his testimony, and he hopes that whoever watches his interview will be inspired and know that they are really loved. “I don’t worry about tomorrow, I don’t worry about little things, I really don’t. No matter what happens, as long as I stay faithful, I’m good,” said Fusco.


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