3 Lessons That Christian Believers Can Learn From The First Miracle Of Jesus

The first miracle of Jesus is packed with important lessons that every believer needs to know and apply in their lives today.


This miracle is found in the book of John 2:1-12 where Jesus changed water to wine at the wedding at Cana in Galilee. In this wedding, Jesus revealed His glory, which makes His disciples believe in Him.

1. Ask Jesus To Invade Every Area Of Your Life

When you invite Jesus into your life , you are in for a miracle because nothing is impossible for Him to do. Jesus was invited to the wedding at Cana. This is why He was able to perform the miracle and meet the needs of the people in the wedding at Cana.

We have to first invite Jesus into every area of our lives ,so that He will be incharge of every situation of our lives. When we do this He will not forsake us because He is in control and will make sure that every situation is taken care of.

According to the scripture, it was on the third day when the host ran out of wine which would have been a disappointment and an embarrassment if the guests found out about it.

Jesus did not let this happen because He was invited by them and wouldn’t let them down in the middle of the wedding. He performed the miracle of turning water into wine and this wine become more sweeter than what they had before.

2. Being Obedient To God and Your Parents

Jesus though He was the son of God was obedient to His earthly parents, when His mother told Him that wine was running out at the wedding, and asked that He should do something to help them.

He did not disobey His mother but listened to what she was saying and moved into action immediately to help them. We should also be obedient to our parents and listen to their words of advice and do what they ask us to do that is good before the Lord.

Jesus’ mother told the servants “Do whatever He commanded you to do.” She knew that Jesus is able to make the impossible possible, but all they needed to do was to obey and adhere to the instruction of Jesus.

As they followed the specific instructions given to them by Jesus, the miracle took place, which was as a result of their obedient to the word of God.

3. God’s Timing is the Best

The rulers of the feast tasted the miracle wine that Jesus made from water, they were very surprised and started asking where the wine came from.

They commented that this wine is more better than that they had been served before. This goes to show us that God’s own time is the best for us. Whatever we receive from God is far better than what we can do for ourselves.

There may be things in our lives, we might be wanting God to do for us but He knows the right time to accomplish those things in our lives.

In conclusion, the men said that usually the best wine is served first before men get drunk, but in this case, the best wine had been kept until the end.

Whatever Jesus does is always better than anything a man can do. The man-made wine was good, but the miraculous wine was so much better. The best is always what we receive from God.

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