Kenyan Runner Gives Up Win Next To the Finish Line To Help Collapsed Competitor

An act of kindness shown by a long distance runner to a fellow competitor has won the hearts of the local administration.


A Kenyan runner threw away the chance to win the 10 kilometer (6.2 mile) in favor of a his fellow Kenyan competitor who had collapsed just before the finishing line, earning him $15,000 from appreciative local leaders.

Simon Cheprot and Kenneth Kipkemoi both Kenyans, were competing in the Okpekpe International Road Race in Nigeria when Kipkemoi collapsed just at the finishing line.

Cheprot had come on at second place in the race and had won in 2016.

“Cheprot was men’s title winner in 2016 and was first runner up in the 2018 edition, his ambition being to become first participant to scoop two titles since its inception in 2013,” event promoter Mike Itemuagbor said.

He would have won this year’s race but he gave it up to help Kipkemoi.

“My dad told me one day: ‘When you’re walking and you meet a sick person on the road, help him. Do not leave him,’ so that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw my friend on the ground,” Cheprot said.

Displaying a true sportsman’ spirit, Cheprot dragged his collapsed competitor to the finishing line and handed him over to the medics.

“Simon may not have fulfilled his ambition of becoming the first athlete to win two Okpekpe titles since 2013 when we began this race but he came to Okpekpe this year, ran and left as the hero. He did not win any medals but he won hearts,” said Itemuagbor.

A local politician in the State of Edo rewarded Cheprot with $10,000, another $3,000 was given by Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu of Edo State, and $2,000 was given by others.

This is such an amazing act of kindness which has restored our trust in humanity.

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