Stray Kitten Thinks Dog Is Her Mom

A heartwarming story of a stray kitten who picked a dog as her mother will make you smile today.

The stray kitten followed this family home and entered the house and decided to stay there ever since after she met the family dog Toast.

Toast has human instincts and has been very protective and motherly to the little kitten.


Toast helps the kitten climb up furniture and go down the stairs. She is also very alert to any danger to the kitten and always rescues her from it.

The moment when the kitten goes near the pool and then Toast comes and carries her away to safety is the most amazing one.

Toast and the kitten cuddle and sleep together and the kitten tries to breastfeed from the motherly dog.

This moving video shows us how beautiful nature is and how God made all the animals and man to live together in the beginning of creation.


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