4 Lessons To Learn From The Life Of Ruth In The Bible

There are many women of faith in the Bible but only two of them have books named after them. One is Ruth and the other is Esther. These books are small but very impactful on the lives of believers.

Ruth had tragically lost her husband and was a young widow who lived with her mother-in-law Naomi who had also lost her husband and two sons.

lessons from ruth life

Naomi was planning to move to Bethlehem in Judah, and her daughter-in-law Ruth also came with her even though she was a Moabite woman, a foreigner.

God meanwhile was working an amazing plan for a man named Boaz to marry Ruth, bless them with a child, and provide for her and Naomi.

As we read this beautiful story today let us learn five important lessons from the life of Ruth that we can apply in our own lives too:

1) God loves all people

Ruth was a Moabite and a foreigner which was a big deal those days, but she was so devoted to Naomi that she agreed to go wherever she went and even said that her God would be the God of Israel. God loved her just as he loved the others, He does not discriminate but loves all people.

2) Every person is important for God

At that time, being a widow wasn’t a good thing as people would look down at them and blame them for the death of their husbands.

But Ruth was an important person for God. She was very poor and didn’t have food to eat but God saw her as important and decided that she would be a part of the lineage of Jesus, as the grandmother to King David.

3) God can use anyone

God had such a beautiful plan for the life of Ruth to be in the lineage of Jesus. He was behind all the situations and events that occurred in the life of Naomi and Ruth just to ensure that Ruth could be a part of His plan.

He is the same God and even today He is doing the same with our lives as well as He puts people in our lives and takes us to different places to execute His plan in our lives.

4) God redeems us from sin and destruction

Boaz was a redeemer in the life of Ruth and today God has put Jesus in our lives to redeem us from all sin and destruction.

Boaz was a prophetic symbol of Christ and His work in our lives today. Just like Naomi and Ruth had lost everything and were devastated, our sin has made us empty and desolate.

We all need a savior to redeem us and forgive us our sins and Jesus is willing to do that today. All we need to do is call on Him in faith and ask Him to save us (Romans 10:13).


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